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    Welcome to Neuromuscular Corporate Solutions

    Your wellness partner

About Us

About Us

Neuromuscular Corporate Solutions is a professional company that has highly trained healthcare providers that provide on-site musculoskeletal treatment and pain relief. Our preventative, outcome-based approach can significantly save employers time and money that could otherwise result in surgeries, expensive tests, and pharmaceuticals. At the same time, employees are happier, healthier and more productive.

Our Values

Our Values

We believe that corporate organizations deserve honest, committed, fully engaged caregivers who stay on top of the latest research and methods in their fields.



Dr. Laney consults and works with major corporations on prevention of and recovery from musculoskeletal injuries and many other soft tissue aches and pains. His approach helps companies achieve their wellness objectives by not only helping employees, but by reducing medical costs, reducing lost time, and improving employee morale.

  • Our services

    Our services

    Neuromuscular Corporate Solutions offers a turnkey program that is simple to implement and has a measurable impact on both the well-being of employees and employers. Here is a list of key services:

    • On-Site Wellness
    • Outcome Reports
    • Superior Customer Services
  • Your benefits

    Your benefits

    We recognize that many companies are faced with soaring healthcare costs, attracting and retaining employees, as well as productivity concerns. Through our wellness program, NCS helps companies realize their wellness objectives by:

    • 4:1 return on investment
    • 100% employee satisfaction
    • More productive workforce
  • Give us a call

    Give us a call

    Thank you for your interest in Neuromuscular Corporate Solutions. Give us a call to find out more about our services.


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